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Father walks in on robber, is shot in face

Dennis Greenfield was delivering dinner to his daughter at work when he surprised a robber who killed the woman and shot the father in the face, police say.

His wife, Marilyn, witnessed the drama Monday from outside where she was sitting in the couple's car. She called 911.

John Henry Shuford, 25, was charged Wednesday with killing Marla Greenfield, 19, and with attempted murder in the shooting of her father. Dennis Greenfield was in serious condition at Hollywood Memorial Hospital.

Police held Shuford initially on a charge of loitering near the portrait studio while they looked for clues in the shootings. Police said the man confessed to the killing and told them he had gone to the studio to rob it.

"He randomly selected this target," said Todd DeAngelis, a spokesman for Hollywood Police.

"When he realized it wasn't going to be that lucrative, he asked Marla to disrobe," DeAngelis said. "As she starts doing that, her father comes in, and according to Shuford, she took that opportunity to try to get away. He had a knee jerk reaction and started firing."

Police said they found a car registered to Shuford in the studio parking lot and also found a gun near Shuford when they arrested him.