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Midnight raiders: If you're a chronic and heavy midnight snacker, you may have a disorder called Night Eating Syndrome.

Such people regularly eat a midnight snack, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, eat 50 percent or more of their daily food intake at night and have no appetite for breakfast, says Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Albert Stunkard, obesity researcher at the University of Pennsylvania's Weight and Eating Disorders Program, believes the problem is caused by a disruption of the circadian rhythm.

Table for one: Many of you may like the idea of a quiet dinner in a restaurant by yourself, but it fills some people with fear and loathing. Marya Charles Alexander, who edits a newsletter called Solo Dining Savvy, says it is a problem faced not only by business travelers and people without a date but by married people whose spouses are out of town.

Among the problems and frustrations of solo dining: being put at a table in a bad location, dealing with unwanted attention from fellow diners and the risk of appearing gauche by reading in a fancy eatery.

Food music: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor, Phish Food, chocolate marshmallow ice cream and fish-shaped chunks of fudge, named after Phish, popular alternative jam-rock group.