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Rally will be a boost for county

Editor: Special thanks to the Board of County Commissioners for approving the four-year agreement with the Family Motorcoach Association.

The Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce supports the event, and we believe it will yield benefits to the community far greater than the small investment in capital improvements at the airport. The association's southeastern rally will bring thousands of people to Hernando County for the first time. Our member restaurants, gas stations, grocery and clothing stores, gift shops and many others will benefit. Hernando County also will benefit by the positive exposure.

Thanks again to the county commissioners. Your chamber of commerce appreciates you.

Darryl W. Johnston, president

Greater Hernando County

Chamber of Commerce

Boo to campground rates

for rally participants

Editor: Hooray for the Hernando County commissioners for approving a four-year agreement with the motorcoach association for its rally, to be held at the Hernando County Airport.

Boo to Dick Pritchard of the Good Government League for saying those attending the rally should pay the prevailing campground rate of $14 to $25 per day, instead of the $2-per-day rate under the proposed agreement. Further, he says, "these people are wealthy" if they can pay $200,000 for a motor home, so he wonders why they can't pay more than $2 a night to park.

I certainly hope motorcoach association members did not see the article in the Times and most certainly hope they do not cancel their visit. After all, the money that will be brought here when this event is held should not be overlooked because of price gouging.

Everyone has heard before how we did it "up north" (here we go again), but the Adirondack Balloon Festival is held every year at the Warren County Airport. Soon, they will celebrate their 25th anniversary, and during those years they never charged for admission and let campers park for free on the airport grounds. Some private parties do charge for parking, which is usually a minimal rate.

Let's hope this motorcoach event will be successful so other groups will see the results. Maybe Hernando County will be rewarded by other associations that would like to come here for annual events.

James A. Gerrard

Spring Hill

Why is county named

as co-insurer on lease?

Editor: Hernando County roads are inadequate and deteriorating, and our commissioners say there is not enough money to repair or repave them. So, what do they do? They not only invite 2,500 giant recreational vehicles to have a convention here 30 times a year, but they also put up our tax money to help them come.

Not too long ago, our illustrious county attorney advised the County Commission not to allow the Spring Hill Civic Association to plant palm trees along Northcliffe Boulevard. He said the county would be open to a lawsuit if a car ran off the road and hit one of those newly planted palm trees. Our commissioners voted down the palm tree plan.

If the possible cost of a lawsuit was such a big problem back then, why do our county and commissioners have no fears of a lawsuit over these RVs? The lease with the RV association only requires them to have $1-million minimum insurance. Why so little? Why is the county named in the lease, as co-insurer if any accidents occur?

Alfred Pagano

Spring Hill

Stranded driver

thanks all who helped

Editor: On March 5, my wife and I were driving north on U.S. 19. Traveling at 55 mph, my engine lost all power. With no power brakes or steering I let the car roll to a stop off the highway, put on my flashers and raised the hood. I told my wife to lock the car door and roll the windows part-way up, then started to walk with my cane along U.S. 19.

A young man in a white van stopped and asked if I needed a ride, which I accepted because I needed to get to a phone and call the auto club. He took me to a phone and drove me back to my car. As we waited, another young man in a white pickup truck stopped to help; he had a cellular phone in his hand. I asked him if he would call my garage. The line was busy, but he said he knew the owner and would stop there and let him know that I was waiting for the tow truck.

While we were waiting for the truck, I saw two white pickup trucks slowing down. One pulled in front of me and the other in back; they put their flashers on and came to me. It was two men, Jim and Jerry, who work for Ron Fee Inc. I asked Jim if he would drive my wife home while I waited for the tow truck. Jerry drove her home, and Jim waited with me.

I did not get the names of the first two young men who stopped to help. But I thank them, as well as Jim and Jerry. Ron Fee Sr. should be proud of his employees.

Joseph A. Horvath

Spring Hill