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Teens seeking a high hospitalized

Some teenagers looking for a psychedelic trip landed in the hospital instead.

Jeremiah Bell, 15, of Bradenton, was in critical condition Wednesday after drinking the juice of a poisonous mushroom. Police say he may need a liver transplant to survive.

The boy waited until Tuesday to seek medical attention, police said, while three others went to the hospital the day after they ingested the juice. They were treated and released.

Police said a 19-year-old picked the mushrooms in a south Sarasota field on Friday, thinking they would induce hallucinations. He crushed them, mixed the juice with orange juice and served it to three other teens, including a 16-year-old, who shared it with more teens.

Police say nine people drank the juice, which contained ingredients from poisonous mushrooms. Charges may be filed in the case, police say.

Class-action suit aimed

at deportation of Nicaraguans

MIAMI _ A federal class-action lawsuit was filed Wednesday to block deportations of Nicaraguans expected to be brought on by tougher immigration rules.

Alfonso Oviedo-Reyes, an attorney for the immigrant group Fraternidad Nicaraguense, said he filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Miami.

Federal legislation that takes effect Tuesday would end the special status that has allowed Nicaraguans without legal residency to remain in the United States. Jose Lagos, a spokesman for the group, said about 45,000 Nicaraguans in South Florida face deportation under the new rules.