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Question: A friend told me that one of the Charlie's Angels cast had died. I hope it wasn't Kate Jackson. I know she had cancer but beat it.

Answer: Actor David Doyle, 67, who played assistant John Bosley on the series Charlie's Angels, died last month after suffering a heart attack in his Los Angeles home. In recent years, Doyle had been the voice of Grandfather Boris on Nickelodeon's cartoon series Rugrats.

Question: Several years ago there was a weekly show called Medical Center. One of the doctors was played by Chad Everett. Can you tell me the name of the doctor he played?

Answer: Like Drs. Kildare and Casey before him, and ER's Dr. Ross today, Chad Everett's Dr. Joe Gannon was a major medical heartthrob. Medical Center aired from 1969-76 on CBS.

Question: I just read The Ragman's Son by Kirk Douglas and it was a wonderful story about his life. I would like to know how he's coping after his stroke.

Answer: Douglas is doing just fine. As a matter of fact, he has written a second autobiography that begins after the 1991 helicopter crash in which he was badly injured. He then retraces his spiritual roots.