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Time to play

Published Oct. 1, 2005

NATURAL RIVALS: Cubs at White Sox, June 16-18; Reds at Indians, June 16-18; Mets at Yankees, June 16-18; Expos at Blue Jays, June 30-July 2; A's at Giants, July 2-3; Dodgers at Angels, July 2-3; Cards at Royals, Aug. 29-31.

INTRIGUING MATCHUPS: Yankees at Marlins in front of a lot of transplanted New Yorkers, June 13-15; Blue Jays at Phillies in 1993 Series rematch, June 13-15; Red Sox at Mets, stirring memories of 1986, June 13-15; Braves at Yankees in 1996 Series rematch, June 30-July 2; Mariners at Rockies in a battle of power vs. power, Aug. 28-29; A's at Rockies in round two, Aug. 30-31.