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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Number of Florida's 224 registered sexual predators who live in Hillsborough County: 24

Number of Hillsborough's sexual predators who live in the city of Tampa: 16

Approximate number of people who test-rode the RegioSprinter commuter train during its month-long stay in the Tampa Bay area this spring: 32,000

Preliminary unemployment rate, in percent, for Hillsborough County during January: 3.8

Hillsborough's unemployment rate in December: 3.2

Hillsborough's unemployment rate in January 1996: 4.8

Number of cellular telephone tower or antennae sites in the city of Tampa: 91

Approximate percentage of those sites with antennas for more than one cellular telephone company: 51

Percentage of Tampa Bay business executives who plan to give the same raises they did last year: 74

Percentage of bosses who plan to give employees bigger raises this year than last year: 18

Percentage of bosses who say this year's raises will be smaller than last year's: 5

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