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Artificial Reef Text

13 Tarpon Springs Reef: Depth 26-28 feet.

Tarpon consists of large expanses of live productive bottom. Construction has been limited, so as not to destroy the natural habitat. All artificial reef material can be found in the vicinity of the south buoy.

Center buoy: N 28 deg. 8 min. 15.0 sec., W 82 deg. 55 min. 51.0 sec.

Loran: 14259.3, 44935.6

Compass heading: run 312 degrees for 7.6 nautical miles from Hurricane Pass Entrance Marker 2, or 270 degrees for 3.7 nautical miles from Anclote Anchorage South Entrance Marker 1.

14 Dunedin Reef: Depth 25-30 feet.

The high profile structures can be found 1000 feet north of the buoy. Pyramids can also be found 1000 feet south of the buoy.

Center buoy: N 28 deg. 3 min. 12.0 sec, w 82 deg. 54 min. 33.0 sec.

Loran: 14248.1, 44887.6

Compass heading: run 270 degrees for 4.4. nautical miles from Hurricane Pass Entrance Marker 2.

15 Clearwater Reef: depth 27-29 feet.

Clearwater reef is marked with one buoy in the center of the reef. Extensive construction of the high-profile reefs has been carried out in recent years. Use the buoy as a starting point, then head north, south, east or west. There is a small barge in the middle of the reef.

Center buoy: N 28 deg. 0 min. 57 sec., W 82 deg. 53 min. 42.0 sec.

Loran: 14243.5, 44859.4 (north east buoy)

Compass heading: run 316 degrees for 3.7 nautical miles from Clearwater Pass Entrance Bell Marker 1.

16 Rube Allyn: Depth 50 feet

This reef is home for a large steel barge, a prefabricated reef unit and numerous high-profile pyramid structures. To find our "twin towers" start from the south buoy and head north for two hundred feet. This will place you on a twin peak pyramid measuring about 80-feet long and 50-feet wide. The peaks of the pyramids are 18- to 20-feet high and have a diameter of 95 feet.

Center Buoy: N 27 degrees. 55 min. 36.0 sec., W 83 degrees, 1 min., 24.0 sec.

LORAN: 14212.3, 44886.6

Compass Heading: run 256 degrees for 9.8 nautical miles from Clearwater Pass Entrance Bell Marker 1.

17 Pinellas (Number 2) Reef: Depth 80 feet

Two 180-foot steel vessels are on this deep-water site. The D.T. Sheridan is considered on of the west coast's best wreck dives. This is also the final resting place of the Coast Guard Cutter Blackthorn.

Center Buoy: N 27 deg. 52 min. 30 sec., W 83 deg. 11 min. 24 sec.

Tug Sheridan: LORAN: 14181.9, 44941.8

Compass Heading: run 255 degrees for 10 nautical miles from Clearwater Pass Entrance Bell Marker 1.

18 Indian Shores Reef: Depthh 44-46 feet

This site is marked by two World War II Navy Landing Ships (LSMs) and a salt hopper barge. The 200-foot plus LSMs were filled with scrap cable and sunk. One LSM is found 100 feet east of the south buoy, while the other is located 100 feet west of the center buoy. A more recent addition, place din 1984 is a 240-foot salt hopper barge which can be found about 200 fet southwest of the north buoy.

Center Buoy: N 27 deg. 51 min. 24 sec., W 83 deg. 01 min. 48 sec.

LORAN: 14200.0, 44859.7

Compass Heading: run 235 degrees for 11.9 nautical miles from Clearwater Pass Entrance Bell Marker 1, or 292 degrees for 13.6 nautical miles from Johns Pass Entrance Marker.

19 Madeira Beach Reef: Depth 30-33 feet

Most of the material on Madeira Reef is widley scattered and has a low profile (1-2 feet).

Center Buoy: N 27 deg. 46 min. 18 sec., W 82 deg. 54 min., 54 sec.

LORAN: 14201.0, 44768.0

Compass Heading: run 270 degrees for 6.3 nautical miles from Johns Pass.

20 Treasure Island Reef: Depth 29-33 feet.

This was the first artificial reef to receive high profile pyramid reefs. These structures can be found 1000 feet south of the buoy. From that spot run approximately 200 feet due north to run over "The Wall." This is a group of 35-40 foot long pilings stacked to resemble a wall.

Center Buoy: N 27 deg. 44 min, 30.0 sec, W 82 deg. 52 min. 51.0 sec.

LORAN: 14200.8, 44738.7

Compass Heading: run 248 degrees for 4.8 nautical miles from Johns Pass, or 304 degrees for 7.2 nautical miles from Pass-A-Grille Channel Entrance Marker Buoy 2.

21 St. Pete Beach Reef: Depth 34-36 feet.

A large part of the Old Corey Causeway was placed here in 1976, laying a foundation for future construction. In 1995, the U.S. Army sunk 10 10 surplus tanks, which are located about 100 feet west of the center buoy.

Center Buoy: N 27 deg. 40 min. 36. sec., W 82 deg. 51 min. 45 sec.

LORAN: 14192.9, 44704.1

Compass Heading: run 270 degrees for 5 nautical miles from Pass-a-Grille Channel Entrance Marker Buoy 2.

Source: Pinellas County Artificial Reef Guide

To get a copy: contact Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste Operations, 3095 114th Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, or call (813) 464-7565

Public boat ramps

1. Phillippe Park, 2355 Bayshore Dr. N., Safety Harbor

2. Lowry Park Boat Ramp, Sligh Ave., Tampa

3. Rocky Creek Boat Ramp, Rocky Creek Drive, Upper Tampa Bay

4. Safety Harbor Marina & Pier, South Boulevard & Bayshore, Safety Harbor

5. Courtney Campbell Causeway, SR 60 (Westbound), Tampa

6. Marjorie Park and Marina, 115 Columbia Dr. (Davis Island), Tampa

7. Belleair Boat Ramp, 3900 W. Bay Drive, Belleair Bluffs

8. Davis Island Boat Ramp, Martinique Ave.(S. End), Tampa

9. Indian Rocks Beach Boat Ramp, 15th Ave. and Bayshore Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach

10. Gandy Boat Ramp, Gandy Bridge, East Causeway, Tampa

11. Indian Rocks Beach Boat Ramp, 3rd Ave. & First St., Indian Rocks Beach

12. Ballast Point Park, Ballast Point & Interbay Drive, Tampa

13. Gandy Bridge Marina, 13050 Gandy Blvd., St. Petersburg

14. Williams Park, 6401 Riverview Drive, East Tampa

15. Sunlit Cove Park, Bay Street NE & Sunlit Cove Drive, St. Petersburg

16. Picnic Island Beach and Park, End of Commerce Road, Port Tampa

17. Park Boulevard Boat Ramp, Park Blvd & Gulf Blvd., Indian Shores

18. Madeira Beach Municipal Marina, 503 15oth Ave., Madeira Beach

19. War Veterans Memorial Park, 9600 Bay Pines Blvd., St. Petersburg

20. Crisp Park, Poplar St. & 35th Ave. NE, St. Petersburg

21. Coffee Pot Park, 1st. St & 31st Ave. NE, St. Petersburg

22. Jungle Prada, Parke Street & Elbow Lane N, St. Petersburg

23. 123rd Avenue Ramp, 123rd Avenue & Lagoon Lane, Treasure Island

24. Demens Landing South, 1st. Ave. S & Bayshore Drive, St. Petersburg

25. Apollo Beach Boat Ramp, Apollo Beach Blvd., Apollo Beach

26. Treasure Island Public Boat Ramp, Gulf Blvd. & 100 Ave., Treasure Island

27. Egan Park, 9101 Blind Pass Road, St. Petersburg Beach

28. Treasure Island Boat Ramp, Gulf Blvd. and 84th Ave., Treasure Island

29. Bay Winds Sports Motel, Corey Avenue and Bay Street, St. Petersburg Beach

30. E.G. SImmons Park, 2401 19th Ave. NW, Ruskin

31. Gulfport Marina Complex, Gulfport

32. Grandview Park, 6th St. & 38th Avenue S, St. Petersburg

33. Bahia Beach Marina, 3301 Sea Grape Drive, Ruskin

34. Shell Point Marina, 3324 West Shell Road, Ruskin

35. Ruskin Commongood Park, 1st Ave. NW & 2nd St., Ruskin

36. Maximo Park, 34th St. S & Pinellas Point Drive, St. Petersburg

37. St. Petersburg Beach Boat Ramp, East 33rd Ave., St. Petersburg Beach

38. O'Neills Skyway Boat Basin, 6701 34th St. S, St. Petersburg

39. Bay Vista Park, 4th St. & Pinellas Point Drive, On Tampa Bay

40. Domino Boat Ramp, 22md Ave. SW & 8th St. SW, Ruskin

41. Sun City Heritage Park, US Hgwy 41 N, Ruskin

42. Cockroach Bay, Cockroach Bay Road, Ruskin

43. Wildcat Creek Park, Stephens Road & Little Manatee River, Ruskin

44. Fort DeSoto Park, 3500 Pinellas Bayway S., Tirra Verde

45. Piney Point Boat Ramp, West End of Piney Point Road, Port Manatee

46. Bishop Harbor Boat Ramp, Biship Harbor Road, on Bishop Harbor

47. Tropic Isles Marina, 3100 10th St., Palmetto

48. Fort Hammer Boat Ramp, Fort Hammer Road, 3 miles S of Parrish

49. 63rd St. Memorial Park, East End 63rd St., Homes Beach

50. Highland Shores Boat Ramp, 351 Shore Drive, Ellenton

51. Riverside Park, 801 Riverside Drive, Palmetto

52. Warners Bayou County Park, NW Riverview Boulevard, Bradenton

53. Kingfish Boat Ramp, Manatee Ave., W of Intracoastal, Bradenton

54. Highway 64 Boat Ramp, Hwy 64 & Braden River, Bradenton

55. Seminole Boat Ramp, 201 Seminole St., Seminole

56. 69 Bay Esplanade, Clearwater Beach Rec Center

57. Sunset Beach Boat Ramp, Sunset Beach Park, Tarpon Springs

58. Craig Park Boat Ramp, Craig Park, Tarpon Springs

Fishing pers

1. Bay Pier, Fort DeSoto, (813) 864-3345

2. Gulf Pier, Fort DeSoto, (813) 864-9937

3. Ballast Point Pier, Tampa, (941) 831-9585

4. Pier 60, Clearwater, (813) 446-0060

5. Oldsmar Pier, Oldsmar, (813) 855-5588.

6. The Pier, St. Petersburg, (813) 894-9375

7. Redington Long Pier, Redington Shores, (813) 391-9398

8. Safety Harbor City Pier, Safety Harbor, (813) 726-0780

9. North Skyway Fishing Pier, St. Petersburg, (813) 865-0668

10. South Skyway Fishing Pier, Bradenton, (941) 729-0117

11. Williams Park, Gibsonton, (813) 272-5840.