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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Tampa's rank, according to Girlfriend magazine, among the best cities for lesbians to live: 2nd

Number of highly polluted sites eligible for cleanup under the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program in Hillsborough County: 10

Number of Superfund sites in Pinellas County: 1

Increase, in percent, statewide in the number of deaths recorded last year in which someone died with cocaine in his or her body: +7

Decrease, in percent, in cocaine-related deaths in Hillsborough County last year: -11

Percentage of visitors to Busch Gardens who are repeat visitors: 72

Percentage of visitors to the Florida Aquarium who are repeat visitors: 10

Sales at candy and confectionery stores in Hillsborough County, 1994: $64.3-million

Candy sales in Hillsborough, 1995: $74.6-million

Candy sales in Hillsborough, 1996: $84.5-million

Sources for Quality of Life index

Lesbian-friendly cities: Utne Reader, May-June 1997, citing Girlfriend magazine. According to the Utne Reader, "strong community organizing is bringing a progressive voice to local politics" in Tampa.

Superfund: Staff report.

Cocaine-related deaths: Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The statistics do not reflect deaths that were caused by cocaine. Rather, they simply reflect the frequency that someone died with traces of cocaine in his or her body.

Repeat visitors: Florida Aquarium board of directors meeting of April 18.

Candy sales: Florida Department of Revenue.