Mr. Goedken, 8th in family to die of AIDS

Published Aug. 27, 1997|Updated Oct. 1, 2005

Like his four brothers, wife, sister-in-law and infant nephew before him, Loras Goedken, a hemophiliac, has died of an AIDS-related illness. He was 52.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said no other family in America is known to have lost more people to AIDS than the Goedkens, a farm family from Monticello, Iowa.

Mr. Goedken, who died Sunday, learned in June he had a type of lymphoma that often is contracted by people with AIDS.

His brother Steven was the only one of Vince and Mary Goedken's seven sons who was not born with hemophilia. The painful disease prevents blood from clotting properly.

The Goedken brothers contracted the AIDS virus through a blood clotting agent made from large quantities of donated blood. About 10,000 Americans had been infected by the time it was discovered that the blood was contaminated with the AIDS virus.

The youngest Goedken son, Tommy, died in 1971 of complications of surgery. The other four _ Ernie, Carl, Dennis and J.J. _ died of AIDS between 1987 and 1991. Dennis' wife, Karen, and their infant son, Clayton, also died of AIDS-related illnesses. Loras' wife, Jan, died of AIDS in 1990.