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If the shirt fits . . .

Eagles rookie TE Chad Lewis won the Cowboys game with his only reception, an 8-yard TD catch, and also won a bet with team ticket director Leo Carlin. Lewis said he made a bet with Carlin that if he caught a TD, Carlin would give him the shirt he was wearing. Carlin said he'll honor the bet, although he will give up a different shirt. Carlin is perhaps 5 feet 8 and weighs about 160. Lewis is 6-6, 252.

Waiter, a fine whine for QB's dad

Bears coach Dave Wannstedt doesn't need this: The father of QB Rick Mirer blasted him this past week.

Ken Mirer, a banker in Goshen, Ind., is furious the team traded a first-round draft pick for Mirer in the off-season, then this month demoted him from first to third string.

"He has no one," Mirer's father said. "He can't trust his coaches. He can't trust people around him. It has been a tough situation because he never has been in that position before in his life."

Mirer's father said Wannstedt "misled" him.

"Rick came with the understanding he wasn't going to be a savior," Mirer's dad said. "It wasn't going to be something that happened overnight. He never even got half the night."

Ken Mirer said re-signingErik Kramer and promising Rick before the Oct. 5 game against New Orleans he would be the starter are unforgiveable. "That's like saying, "I want to be married, but I want to date, too,' " Mirer's dad said. "That's crap, plain and simple."

Moses' plague: The Saints

A sign hanging in the Superdome read "Free Moses Now," a reference to a fan who legally changed his name to Holy Moses. Moses, who dresses like the biblical leader and leads cheers at Saints home games, was arrested last week for getting into a scuffle with Superdome security when he allegedly refused to return to his assigned seat. He was back Sunday trying to inspire the team.

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