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Lake Starcrest Village

Richard Boisvert and Teri Smith stood staring at wet blankets sprinkled with fragmented glass. They had been sleeping under those blankets just hours earlier when high winds blew out their bedroom and kitchen windows.

In the kitchen, a pair of scissors had been driven into the wall handles first. Broken glass was scattered across counters, the stove and floor. A white Bible embedded with shards of glass lay on a table.

"Now that it's all over, what are we going to do? Just wait?" Smith asked.

Their apartment was one of at least three uninhabitable units at Lake Starcrest Village after Monday's storm. Wind ripped through the 324-unit complex about 8:45 a.m., tearing off shingles, shattering windows, mangling at least six carports and uprooting trees.

More than a dozen apartments were damaged at the complex at Cleveland and Main streets, assistant manager Rebecca Pearson said. Boisvert received the only reported injury, minor cuts and scrapes on his right leg.

Resident John Fitzgerald witnessed the storm. "I saw trees flying by, grabbed the baby and got into the bathroom as fast as I could. It was over in about 30 seconds."