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Sickles High athlete injured in attack at school Friday

Published Oct. 2, 2005

A student at Sickles High School suffered a concussion Friday after being beaten by other students in a restroom at the school, officials said.

The attack on the 16-year-old sophomore happened shortly after school had ended at 2:45 p.m., said the teen's mother, who was called by her son's coach at 4:30 p.m. after the teenager became confused. He had been scheduled to play in a football game that night.

"We don't want to tolerate this," Virginia Norrie said about the youths who attacked her son. "We're definitely going to follow through and definitely going to prosecute."

The Times is withholding the teenager's name at Norrie's request.

Norrie said her son had entered the restroom alone when he was jumped by several unidentified males. They began beating him but stopped when other members of the football team entered the restroom.

The suspects then ran from the building and were seen leaving on a school bus, Norrie said.

Hillsborough School Board spokesman Mark Hart said he understood a school custodian had stopped the attack, which appeared to be unrelated to a cafeteria fight involving about 30 students that happened nearly two weeks ago. Four students and one teacher were injured in that incident.

Hart said school officials did not call the teen's mother right away as he did not appear to be seriously hurt.

"I can see the concern about the time lapse if he had obviously been injured," Hart said, "but it didn't appear to be that serious of a situation."

Norrie said the school called her after her son began to get ready for that night's football game and could not remember the location of his locker.

An X-ray at University Community Hospital that evening revealed he had suffered a concussion. The teen does not recall any details of the incident.

The school and the Sheriff's Office are investigating the incident, Hart said.

Meanwhile, Norrie said doctors had instructed her son not to play football for at least a week. And although she is worried that her son seems to have blocked the incident from his mind, she is grateful he was not more seriously injured.

"I'm just glad there were no knives pulled," she said. "It could have been a lot worse."