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State rests its case against Outlaws

As the trial entered its fifth week, federal prosecutors rested their racketeering case Monday morning against four members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

The four are charged with conspiring to commit a variety of criminal acts in the name of their club.

Individual defendants face charges that include murder, extortion and drug distribution.

During the government's case, jurors heard from the female associates of club members, known as "old ladies," former Outlaws who have turned state's evidence and law enforcement experts on motorcycle gangs.

The last prosecution witness was former Florida Outlaws president Houston Murphy. He was recalled to the stand to provide additional details about a painting that he said links defendant Clarence M. "Smitty" Smith to the 1980 murder of a female Outlaws associate.

The other three defendants are Bobby Joe "Breeze" Mann, 39, of Daytona Beach, charged with racketeering, attempted murder and drug charges; James Evan "Pinball" Agnew, 45, of Dania, charged with racketeering, extortion and drug charges; and Christopher Maiale, 36, a former St. Petersburg resident who was a member of the Tampa chapter of the Outlaws. Maiale is charged with racketeer, extortion, kidnapping and drug charges.

After the government rested, the judge dismissed jurors for the day.

Defense attorneys then began to argue a number of motions to dismiss individual counts, saying the government hadn't proven its case.

Assuming that at least some of the charges stand after the judge rules, defense testimony is scheduled to begin Wednesday.