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Question: I love to watch Bobby Goldsboro's television show, The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon. Tell me where he lives and what he's doing now.

Answer: The singer/songwriter who topped the charts in the 1960s with Honey and Watching Scotty Grow has been living on 120 acres in Ocala since the mid-1980s. Besides his record hits, he hosted a syndicated TV show in the 1970s and formed a music publishing company in Nashville, House of Gold Music, publishing such hits as Wind Beneath My Wings and Behind Closed Doors. In 1993, he acted as musical director on Evening Shade, composing and performing a new theme song for the CBS show. But for the last decade, he has concentrated on writing and producing children's stories and music. His Easter Egg Mornin' is a spring staple on the Disney Channel. Now he does all the writing, voices and music for Swamp Critters, seen weekday mornings on The Learning Channel.

Question: Whatever happened to the actor who played the sweet-natured mechanic on Taxi?

Answer: The talented comic actor, Andy Kaufman, who played Latke, died several years ago.

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