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Would-be county commissioner should resign city post

Editor: So the wanna-be politicians are already lining up at the plate so they can begin their feeding frenzy at the public trough should they win a County Commission seat in the November 1998 election.

College student, Republican turned Democrat, Scott Bryant in his first election bid won a seat on the New Port Richey City Council in April.

Three months after being elected Bryant bragged he had now learned a lot about how government works, declaring he would run for a County Commission seat in 1998 because the salary is a lot better. His City Council pay is $3,600 annually and Pasco County commissioners get over $50,000. Isn't it wonderful that Bryant learned to speak politicalese so quickly! No wonder he is all puffed up about unseating Commissioner Ed Collins.

The only decent thing Bryant can do is resign his seat on the New Port Richey City Council and let the voters elect someone in the April 1998 city election who understands public service and is genuinely concerned about the city. Otherwise, by resigning at his convenience, he burdens the city taxpayers with a special election, or a worse case scenario, the present City Council has to appoint someone to take his seat on the council. The voters will have had no say in who represents them. If he doesn't want to leave the City Council graciously, he should be asked to leave by petition.

We don't need this mentality sitting on the County Commission either, expecting on the job training at a great salary with benefits. Bryant needs to get a job in the real world.

Debbie Millen

New Port Richey

Businesses should support

Safe Halloween project

Editor: Time is drawing near for the band boosters of Hudson High School's Safe Halloween which will be Friday from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at the football field.

This is a neat idea! Over the years, this fun night has become a nightmare for many parents because of fear that some lunatic is going to place harmful objects or ingredients in their kids' treats! Some are even fearful of allowing their children to walk up to front doors because of incidents in the past where some children have been traumatized when they have gone to ring door bells and been greeted in an unjust manner!

Our kids have been grown and gone for years, and I, for one, have missed seeing the fun they had as little ones when they received their treats! I miss seeing them in their costumes and how excited they got when they dressed in them! Those were innocent years for them! Missing out won't be the case this year! As an owner of a business, we have been invited to participate in these festivities at the high school. A sad fact remains! Numerous businesses in the area were invited, but only a few have acknowledged they will attend. This disturbs me not only as a member of the community, but also as a parent! We ask for help for our young people, but when we are called upon, we turn our backs! We're too busy! Not enough notice! Our budget doesn't allow! Excuses! Excuses! All we're being asked is we provide a few hours of our time, purchase a few bags of candy and hand it out to the kids!

The band boosters and students are trying to do something good for our community. Their plans are to provide a safe place for the kids to go Halloween night! How will it look if the business community can't find the time to show it cares?

It should be a fun night had by all. I have been told that there will be hay rides, a haunted house and a car smash, just to list a few of the fun activities planned. The concession stand will be open as well. Any money received for the night benefits the students!

Are there any businesses out there which are willing to help? If interested and for further information, please call Kathy Luzader at 861-1141, but hurry! They need to know how many are going to attend so tables can be set up for you!

Betty Knieriem

Spring Hill

Donation will brighten

holidays for many

Editor: Community organizations are what make or break a neighborhood. Good organizations add to the quality of life of an area. Two such local organizations are Father Felix Ullrich Council Knights of Columbus and the Society of St. Vincent dePaul.

We in the St. Vincent dePaul Society have the contacts among the poor but have limited means of developing funds except through donations from individuals and organizations in the area. Recently, Father Felix Ullrich Council donated $1,000 to the society. This money is to be used to better the life of the disadvantaged in this area. This donation on their part will make for a fuller Thanksgiving and Christmas for those among us who are abandoned mothers, unemployed parents of orphaned children and others suffering the pain and embarrassment of not being able to provide fully for their families.

We, in the Society of St. Vincent dePaul, wish to thank, publicly the Father Felix Ullrich Council, Knights of Columbus, for its donation. If any good person who reads this thank you wishes to join the society, financially, in our charitable work, we welcome all contributions. Our address is P.O. Box 253, Port Richey, FL, 34673-0253.

John M. Birmingham, vice president

Society of St. Vincent dePaul

Ozanam District Council, Pasco Inc.

We must love

people, not things

Editor: In regard to the disabled vet and his RV in Beacon Woods East, it's a shame to treat a vet with this kind of harassment.

My mother had one of those bags and it would blow up with gas like a balloon. She had her small intestine completely removed. Thank God, we could talk the doctor into reversing this condition. I hope this could be done for our disabled vet or that he has room on his lot to add a RV garage. It's so sad when we treat our vets or anyone for that matter in this way. God help us to love people and not things.

Doris Palmer


Thanks for help

with fall festival

Editor: We had our third annual fall festival for our children on Saturday. It was a huge success due to the help of many people. We would like to publicly say thanks to all of the parents who volunteered their time or donated prizes. We would also like to thank Pasco County Mosquito Control, which came out the day before and sprayed for mosquitoes. Lastly, we would like to thank the Chelsea Place Publix which unexpectedly donated the sodas for the festivities. It was very much appreciated. With the help of all these people, our kids had a great time!

Kim Cherry

Cherry Tree Early Learning Center