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Cargo carrier cleared to resume flying

Fine Air, an international cargo carrier, was cleared to resume flying Tuesday three months after a spectacular crash in an airport warehouse district killed the crew of four and an unlucky motorist.

In a statement that didn't mention the Aug. 7 crash, the Federal Aviation Administration said the Miami-based airline demonstrated its cargo operations now comply with federal safety regulations.

The first flight to El Salvador and Guatemala was planned Tuesday night.

Fine Air stopped flying Sept. 4 after an intensive post-crash inspection found problems with the company's cargo ground handling, weighing, security and pallets and the condition of restraint nets on the aircraft.

Flynt's daughter relates

abuse allegations to police

JACKSONVILLE _ The daughter of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt met with police in Ohio Tuesday to discuss her allegations that her father sexually abused her as a child.

Tonya Flynt-Vega, 32, of Jacksonville said Flynt abused her from when she was 9 years old until she was 18.

Flynt, who has denied the allegations, on Tuesday said other members of his family did not share Flynt-Vega's view.

"I find it a strange phenomenon when the press calls me that they only want to talk to her; I have three other lovely, grown daughters that I have a great relationship with," Flynt said.

Flynt-Vega said she repressed memories of the alleged abuse until she saw the People vs. Larry Flynt, a movie released last year depicting Flynt's 1977 prosecution in Cincinnati on an obscenity charge.

Flynt-Vega has publicly accused her father of sexually abusing her, though she filed never filed charges against him.

Flynt-Vega claimed she was abused while living in an apartment over a bar Flynt owned in Columbus, Ohio.

Under Ohio law she has missed the deadline for filing charges of felony sexual abuse of a minor. The Ohio attorney general's office said the statute of limitations is six years, beginning when the victim turns 18.

When city calls,

King comes through

DEERFIELD BEACH _ When boxing promoter Don King bought a $2.1-million office building here last year, he told city officials to call on him if they needed him.

They took him at his word, and now they're reaping the benefits in the form of a $326,000 fire engine.

King gave a check to the city for that amount Thursday to replace a fire engine that was damaged Oct. 11 when it was struck by a Corvette while it was parked on the interstate to assist another motorist.

The impact knocked out the truck's engine and transmission, leaving the north Broward County town with just three fire trucks.

"He told us he wanted to make his presence felt in Deerfield Beach," said Amadeo "Trichi" Trinchitella, the city's vice mayor.

"Just like that he handed us a check for $326,000," said fire Chief Gary Lother.

Clinton to visit school

on pupils' day off

JUPITER _ As he promised, President Clinton will visit Lighthouse Elementary School, the place he'd hoped to see last March before a torn knee tendon ruined his plans.

Even though school was supposed to be closed Friday for a teacher planning day, buses will pick up the 1,200 students at their regular times to see their visitor.

"It will be a voluntary school day, but we expect to have 100 percent attendance," said principal Una Hukill.