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Published Oct. 2, 2005

ANCLOTE ELEMENTARY: Don't forget the school's fun fund-raiser, the "Peddlers Walk," Saturday from 10 am to 2 p.m. in the school parking lot, sponsored by the PTA. Just a few weeks ago, Principal B.J. Smith asked students to donate spare pennies to help raise money for a Pasco veteran's Memorial. More than $300 has been raised so far.

BAYONET POINT MIDDLE: Teacher Cathy Mansfield's class has created a garden to care for and learn from. They need donations of any gardening supplies and tools.

DEER PARK ELEMENTARY: Teacher Kitty Clark has created a writing workshop for primary school teachers. She and two other language arts professionals worked together to develop creative ways to teach youngsters to write. Thirty-two teachers have enrolled in her after-school workshop at Deer Park.

HUDSON HIGH: Congratulations to Cadet Troy Roberts on his selection as Army JROTC battalion cadet of the month. The Marching Band's Halloween Bash, costume contest, house of horror, car smash, deejay and great music and eats will be Friday at 7 p.m. in the school stadium. Kids 14 and over $1 admission, 13 and younger free.

LAKE MYRTLE ELEMENTARY: The school is involved in a pilot program to become a family education center that will include parent study groups, open forums and parent volunteers. Congratulations to Desiree Segabiano, Lake Myrtle's student of the month.

PASCO HIGH: Shannon Schambeau, 16, won the Miss Pasco High contest. Shannon is a junior and is enrolled in the Academy of Business Honor Program, a member of the varsity volleyball team and plans to attend Saint Leo College.

RIDGEWOOD HIGH: Courtney Beth Stannard was recently named a semifinalist in the annual Merit Scholarship contest. She will continue to compete in the finals in the spring. The Band Boosters annual fall garage sale will be Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 a.m. at Mancini Automotive on Ridge Road in Port Richey.

SAN ANTONIO ELEMENTARY: Bus and hall safety patrol officers are: Bryan Summer, Crystal Bates, Brittany Castro, Michael Daniels, Matthew Gray. Season Gude was named student of the month.

The Great American Teach-In is coming in November. Pasco schools will join schools all around the country by inviting neighbors, community leaders and parents to teach a class, share a hobby, or talk about their vocation or travels to area school children. To participate, call your neighborhood school.

The Pasco County Library System announces its fourth annual poster contest. The theme is "connect the library." Final entries are due by Dec. 5. Contact your area library for details or call Linda Bragg at 861-3020.