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Homosassa man faces assault charge in beating

Sheriff's deputies arrested a 45-year-old Homosassa man Tuesday, accusing him of beating another man, leaving him partly paralyzed.

Curtis Jackson Scarberry, of 3370 S Kings Ave., was charged with aggravated assault. He was held in lieu of $5,000 bail.

The name of the other man, who is 38 and lives in Homosassa, is being withheld by the Sheriff's Office at his request.

The 38-year-old asked an acquaintance to drive him to Scarberry's home so he could pick up belongings he stored there, a sheriff's report says. When he got there, he and Scarberry brawled, the report says.

Scarberry beat the man with a 2-foot fiberglass and metal pole, the report says, leaving the man with a large red spot on his back and an inability to move his legs.

The acquaintance helped the man to the Homosassa Volunteer Fire Department, where he was flown to Tampa General Hospital.

The report says Scarberry told deputies that he struck the man once or twice on each leg, but was enraged at the time and did not recall striking him in the back.

Contractor gets payment,

but subcontractors wait

INVERNESS _ County commissioners voted on Tuesday to release a final payment to the contracting firm that built the county's new $5.3-million Lecanto Government Building, but some subcontractors on the project still have yet to receive payment for their work.

Commission Chairman Jim Fowler said he thought the county was morally obligated to make sure those subcontractors were paid.

County architect Tom Williford said he thinks four subcontractors are missing about $40,000. Frank Bagamary, a representative of the contractor, the Norwood Co., told commissioners that the company will make sure than at least three of the subcontractors, and probably all four of them, are paid immediately.

Satisfied with his pledge, commissioners voted to release the final payment to Norwood.

Laguna Palms will pay

for water, sewer link

INVERNESS _ County commissioners also decided Tuesday to establish an assessment in the Laguna Palms condominium complex to cover the cost of connecting the development's ailing sewer and water system to another nearby system.

The amount of the assessment is undetermined, but county officials have said each condo owner is likely to pay thousands of dollars for the connection, estimated to cost $100,000.

There are 32 condominiums in Laguna Palms, near Inverness off Gospel Island Road.

But commissioners decided to set up the assessment, known as a Municipal Service Benefit Unit, for 44 lots in the development.

Contract lowers per-inmate jail costs

INVERNESS _ The County Commission on Tuesday approved an agreement with the private company that operates the county jail to lower its per-inmate fees when the jail is crowded in exchange for a two-year contract extension.

Under the agreement approved Tuesday, Corrections Corporation of America will lower its per-inmate fee to $39 per day when the jail's population exceeds 200 inmates.

County Administrator Gary Kuhl said the new agreement will save the county between an estimated $50,000 and $75,000 a year.