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Music stars sign on for Diana tribute

Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Luciano Pavarotti are among 35 singers signed on to a charity double album in memory of Princess Diana.

The final list of contributors for Diana, Princess of Wales _ Tribute was released Tuesday by lawyers for the late princess.

The album, which goes on sale Dec. 1, includes Queen's Who Wants to Live Forever, Annie Lennox's Angel, R.E.M.'s Everybody Hurts and Seal's Prayer For The Dying.

Michael Jackson, U2, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Placido Domingo and Leslie Garrett will also contribute songs.

Some of the artists will specially record songs, and others will donate existing tracks. Proceeds will go to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund set up after she died in an Aug. 31 car crash in Paris.

Elton John's multimillion-selling tribute Candle In The Wind 1997 will not be on the album, but a song by 15-year-old Lissa Hermans, who is blind, will be included.

Diana first heard the girl sing I'm In Love With The World in London in 1990 and liked it so much she took Princes William and Harry to hear it.

The memorial fund for Diana currently stands at $19-million. But organizers said Tuesday they expected to add a first $33-million installment in the next few days in proceeds from Candle in the Wind tribute to Diana.

John's song, which moved millions to tears at Diana's funeral in September, has already entered the history books as the world's biggest selling single at 31.8-million copies.