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Question: I know that Colin Firth is the brother of Peter Firth. Is Jonathan Firth also related, or Julian Firth of the Cadfael series? Do they come from a theatrical family?

Answer: A check of the Internet Movie Database indicates that the only Firth family connection is between siblings Colin and Jonathan, who also have a sister named Kate. Those Firths come from a family of teachers and missionaries.

Colin came to the attention of American viewers in 1995 as Darcy in A&E's Pride & Prejudice. His next movie role is in World of Moss, coming to theaters in 1998.

And just to confuse you further, Jonathan also appeared in the Cadfael series in 1994 as Jocelyn. Julian Firth stars as Brother Jerome in Cadfael. Peter Firth is starring in the British TV series The Broker's Men.

Question: Are they going to take X-Files off the air when they start making the X-Files movies?

Answer: Chris Carter, the creator of X-Files, thinks the show has some good staying power on television and the movies. This should be seen as a plus factor for folks who can't get enough of Scully and Mulder (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny).

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