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"What It's Like to be a Kid in Today's World'

Published Oct. 2, 2005

Students wrote or illustrated their thoughts on the topic of "What It's Like to be a Kid in Today's World" for October's Junior Journalist-Young Expressionist contest.

The Pasco County School District and the Pasco Times sponsor the monthly contest in the categories of art, essay and poetry.

The winners for October are Crystal Wolfe, art; Bruce Miller, poetry; and Kevin Hayes, essay.

Here's a quick look at each winner:

Crystal, 9, is the daughter of Sandy and Gordon Wolfe of Holiday. Her fourth-grade teacher is Kaliope Dris at Gulfside Elementary School in Holiday. Crystal likes to draw, especially pictures of animals. Her favorite subject is writing. Her hobbies include bike riding and in-line skating and drawing "just for fun." Her career goal is to be a dentist.

Bruce Miller, 10, is the son of Tina and Harlan Miller, now of Tallahassee. He was a fourth-grader in Ann Columbia's class at Mittye P. Locke Elementary School in Elfers. (His photograph was not available.)

Kevin Hayes, 9, attends Lake Myrtle Elementary School in Land O'Lakes. He enjoyed a recent trip to Washington, D.C., where he viewed the eternal flame at Arlington National Cemetery, the White House and the Washington Monument.

He likes Washington because it "represents our country." Kevin is a big reader, who especially likes adventure books that are packed with lots of details and suspense. The family adopted a cat that now has four kittens. They named her New Year because they found her on that day. He hopes to become a professional soccer player. He is the son of Tim and Barbara Hayes.

This month's winning essay


Being a kid in today's world is exciting! We're lucky to have so many great opportunities. Technology makes life much simpler, sports and entertainment make life more fun, and education makes our future brighter.

Most schools, libraries and people's homes now have computers allowing us to do things quicker and easier than ever before. Computer games are getting more fun and challenging every day. Televisions and radios update us with the latest news and information from areas all over the world.

We have so many things to entertain us, we really shouldn't get bored (but we do, don't we?). It's hard to believe we have time to be bored when our parents are constantly yelling that we're late for one thing or another. Sports are becoming extremely popular, making life more fun and kids much healthier.

Kids in today's world have lots of opportunities to learn new things. At church, in school and in the clubs we join, we meet all kinds of people who teach us different ideas about life. This helps us grow up to be a better person.

Being a kid in today's world can sometimes be tough, but there are lots of people who can help us. I think we should be thankful for all we have and try our hardest to be the best we can be. Of course, it's always important to have lots of fun along the way!

This month's

winning poem


There is a lot of violence,

not very much silence.

There is no peace at all.

There are weapons and drugs

and not enough hugs

and kisses!