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(ran NORTH SUNCOAST edition)

Cave divers often refer to the phrase " Thank God divers always live" to remember the five commandments of safe cave diving:

1) T is for training. Get proper instruction. Lack of training is the major cause of most accidents.

2) G is for guideline. Always run a single, continuous guideline to open water. This assures a diver doesn't get lost. And in the case of a low- or no-visibility emergency, it is the diver's lifeline to the surface.

3) D is for depth. Never dive below 130 feet. This generally is considered the safe diving depth for recreational divers in open water. Diving to greater depths requires specialized training.

4) A is for air. Always reserve two-thirds of your air supply for exiting the cave. This assures that in an emergency a diver and his diving buddy have enough air to exit the cave.

5) L is for lights. Always carry at least three. Cave divers need two backup lights. Without them, the dying glow of a cheap flashlight may be the last thing they see.