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"Crow' writer is working on female action film

James Cameron, whose action films have always featured strong female characters, is developing a female action movie for Rupert Wainwright to direct.

Twentieth Century Fox was won over by a proposed story line from Wainwright and writer David Schow (The Crow) entitled The Furthest Place about two women seeking revenge against a Shanghai mobster.

Schow will write the tale of an American woman, a former military officer, who travels to a Shanghai of the near future that has grown increasingly wealthy, lawless and violent. There she joins forces with the mobster's former female bodyguard to extract revenge for her sister's murder.

"David is extremely good at writing about people in extreme emotional states," Wainwright said. "Our story operates in that same nether world as The Crow, where it occurs in a real place, but it's not quite today."

In February Wainwright will direct an untitled Exorcist-like thriller for MGM.

Wainwright said he has already toured Shanghai and its film studios and may shoot much of The Furthest Place there or in Hong Kong.

Schow recently completed writing Dead at 21 for Interscope Communications and MTV Prods. He has also written novels and short stories, including Black Leather Required.