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Minn. governor backs ex-wife's mayoral bid

Despite the fights, the stabbing, her cheating and the detailed tell-all book about their marriage, Gov. Arne Carlson's ex-wife has won his political blessing in her bid for Minneapolis mayor.

The Republican governor on Tuesday publicly endorsed Barbara Carlson's independent run for mayor in the Nov. 4 election.

"You have to set aside any personal disagreements you have," the governor said. "But if I lived in Minneapolis and I was asked who I would vote for, I would have to say Barbara Carlson."

The governor says that he has never read his ex-wife's 1996 book, This Broad's Life, which described intimate details of their 12-year marriage.

In addition to X-rated references to his genitals and preferred sex acts, Ms. Carlson talked about her cheating and some rough stuff, such as the time he hit her and the time she stabbed him and whacked him on the head with a frying pan.

The governor said that the mayoral race has brought out a more "mature, . . . introspective" Ms. Carlson and that he thinks she has a better grasp on the issues, particularly crime.

The incumbent mayor, a Democrat, took the endorsement in stride.

"Arne Carlson's a Republican. Barbara Carlson's a Republican. Does that surprise you?" Sharon Sayles Belton said.

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