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Novy's absence was necessary

Editor: Re: Missed meeting shows Novy's misplaced priorities, Oct. 23 editorial in the Hernando Times:

Your deliberate attempt to malign Commissioner Pat Novy has been an ongoing campaign for many months and is a deplorable way for a newspaper to carry on its business of reporting facts, or the lack of facts.

First, Commissioner Novy was assigned by the County Commission to represent it on the Ecosystem Management Initiative. Since this particular meeting of the Withlacoochee River Basin Board of the Southwest Florida Water Management District on Oct. 21 was an exceptionally important meeting, the commissioner was present.

I appreciated her presentation and distribution of documents to the Basin Board, as their import was most timely and pertinent to our discussion of the symposium that was held at the fairgrounds Sept. 10-11.

Commissioner Novy's absence from the commission meeting was not a real problem until other commissioners, knowing of her absence, suddenly took ill, causing a lack of a quorum. They really created the problem.

Commissioner Novy has represented the County Commission _ above any of the other commissioners _ on water-related problems. Commissioner Novy should be commended, not vilified, by your newspaper.

James F. Griffin Jr., member

Withlacoochee River Basin Board

Novy brouhaha highlights

meeting schedule conflict

Editor: Re: Missed meeting shows Novy's misplaced priorities, Oct. 23 Hernando Times:

Your recent editorial about Hernando County Commissioner Pat Novy shirking her duties to the citizens who elected her is obviously incorrect. Perhaps, though, you have identified a major problem both residents and elected officials have encountered for years: It is almost impossible to attend local County Commission meetings and Southwest Florida Water Management District meetings on the same day.

I hope the Times' readers will investigate this issue, then campaign and petition the water district to hold evening meetings, or some other day than Tuesday, which is commission meeting day statewide.

Water authorities and planning councils have done it. Why can't the water district accommodate the public and elected officials?

Chester Bradshaw

Dade City

Accused teacher goes free

as lawyer collects hefty fee

Editor: Re: Powell Middle School teacher Joseph Gatti being cleared of sexual abuse charges against a former student:

They acquitted a teacher Joe. He's counting his blessings I know.

Probably counts them a lot, cause that's all he's got.

His lawyer has all of his dough.

John Albert

Spring Hill

Springstead is indeed

a football powerhouse

Editor: I am writing you in reference to your disrespect of Springstead Eagles football.

The suggestion that we are not a county powerhouse is ludicrous. There are only three football teams in the county, and Springstead has been the defending county champion four years running. I also cannot comprehend your inadequate coverage of the Eagles. We are the defending district champions and are in excellent position to win districts this year.

It is my experience that the great teams are the ones that start weak and end strong. Springstead is 5-2 and has won its last three games with authority. Much of what is written in the paper is about Central and Hernando. Central is having a terrible year and has absolutely no chance of making the playoffs. Hernando, on the other hand, is having an excellent year, comparable to Springstead's 1986 season. Even then we did not receive enough press coverage.

The writers at the Times better realize Springstead is the powerhouse.

Paul DiGiovannoni Jr.

Spring Hill

Entertainment in park

began in rousing fashion

Editor: The Delta Woods Dance Club recently opened its season of entertainment in the park. Choreographer Dan Hattfield and other instructors at his dance studio gave a program to his neighbors and friends in Spring Hill that had to be seen to be believed. Every act received a standing ovation.

All featured were ballroom, jazz and Chinese Lion dancing, songs by the students from East Lake High School in Tampa, mood music by disc jockey James Kirby, a group from Tina's Dance Academy and a martial artist from Elfers.

Attendance was estimated at between 300 and 500 people. County Parks director Pat Fagan and his staff are to be commended for the tremendous amount of work put into this endeavor. A special thanks goes to park attendant George Corrado, and most of all, organizer Alfred Pagano.

Vinny Peers

Spring Hill

Thanks to all who helped

make Blood Bowl a success

Editor: The fifth annual Blood Bowl, which was recently held at the Hernando Community Blood Bank, was very successful due to the many wonderful people of Hernando County.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in any way: the volunteers, merchants, entertainer, high schools, sports organizations and most important, the donors. Without the help and generosity of everyone, this would not have been possible. Space does not allow, or I would name each person individually.

A very special thank you to the media for the wonderful publicity, which made our cause known to all. Thank you helping us to save lives.

Pat Wells, chairwoman

Community Blood Bank Blood Bowl

No education is

completely equal

Editor: I am a bit puzzled by the actions of the School Board in the hiring of interpreters for the deaf and hearing-impaired students.

Since the aim is not education, but equal education, wouldn't the simplest thing to do, until interpreters could be hired, be to close any class where no interpreter is available?

Certainly, no education for anyone is the ultimate in equality. The classes could then be reopened when interpreters are hired, or left closed if they cannot be hired at a reasonable cost.

Ernest A. Maier

Spring Hill