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Swiss unearth more WWII accounts

Swiss banks released a new list Wednesday of 14,000 accounts that have gone unclaimed since World War II.

The list includes nearly 3,700 foreign-owned and more than 10,000 Swiss-owned dormant accounts. The foreign-owned accounts totaled about $4-million in value, and the Swiss-owned accounts about $8-million, the Swiss Bankers Association said.

That is still far short of the hundreds of millions of dollars Jewish groups assert is missing.

However, the bank association conceded the new list may not include all the people who deposited money in Swiss banks before they were killed by the Nazis. A list of 1,872 names published in July raised an outcry from the heirs of Holocaust victims whose relatives were not listed even though they were certain they held Swiss accounts.

The investigation was in response to intense international criticism over Switzerland's wartime record and especially that of its banks, which have been accused of hoarding the assets of Holocaust victims and their heirs.

There were no assurances that accounts on the latest lists belong to Holocaust victims.

The lists are accessible through a toll-free number (1-800-662-7708) and the Internet (, where, Meier said, people who believe they may have a claim can enter the first three letters of their names to search for them.

Unlike the July list, Wednesday's tally was not published in newspapers. Neither did the web site allow visitors to download the entire list.