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Teen's chase tale to air on "Geraldo'

The story of a 16-year-old girl who police said led them on a chase up U.S. 19 this week will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Geraldo Show.

With five marked patrol cars in pursuit, Amber Marie Williamson drove her mother's Buick Century as fast as 124 mph from north Pinellas County to Hudson on Monday, police said. Before she lost control of the car, she rammed several patrol cars and ran other cars off the road.

The chase was captured on video by Pasco freelance videographer Bryan Farrow. Farrow and Amber's mother, Cheryl Williamson, fly to New York today for the taping of Geraldo Rivera's show, scheduled to air Nov. 12. Williamson's oldest daughter, Heather, 20, also will appear on the show. Amber remains in the county's juvenile detention center.

Williamson said she agreed to the appearance after the producers offered to pay for Amber to get help. Amber has been in and out of trouble since she was 12, Williamson said.

"I would do anything to get my daughter the help she needs," she said. "I've tried everything. She got into too much trouble too quick."

Amber ran from police, Williamson said, because she did not want to face being locked up for a string of prior offenses including grand theft auto, burglary, forgery and credit card fraud.

She was expecting to be sentenced to a high-security juvenile facility, Williamson said.

"She knew she was in a lot of trouble and was not going to be coming home," Williamson said. "I knew she was going to run and she knew she was going to run."