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Question: Where can we send a greeting to Carroll O'Connor?

Answer: You can write to him at Box 49935, Los Angeles, CA 90049, but his publicist warns that O'Connor has fallen behind on his fan mail. "He probably has about six months' worth of unopened mail," Frank Tobin said. "We get sacks of mail every month, and I don't want anyone to be disappointed if they don't get a response right back."

O'Connor is starring in a play he wrote, A Certain Labor Day. Tobin said it is about an American labor leader who comes to the end of his life and wonders if he made a good contribution. The play opened in San Francisco on Sept. 24 and will probably go to other cities, though no schedule is set.

Question: What's happening with Tom Selleck's new television show? Was it canceled before it even got on the air?

Answer: Selleck's show is not canceled, but don't look for it to go on the air for a while.

According to CBS insiders, Selleck is supposed to play a playboy publisher. CBS doesn't intend to give it an air test until late in February when the show won't have to compete with the Winter Olympics.

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