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Clearwater Beach plans to build on suggestions

Residents who want to contribute to the city's latest Clearwater Beach redevelopment plan can attend an all-day meeting Saturday and ask questions and give ideas to planners and consultants.

Scott Shuford, the city's top planner, said the meeting, called a design charette, is based on residents' comments.

"Any plan on the beach, no matter how good, is not going to work unless people buy into it," Shuford said.

The city is attempting to outline goals for the beach that include changes to parking, traffic, landscaping and recreation.

Participants will gather at different tables to share ideas about specific issues, then move on to other tables. At the end of the day, the ideas will be compiled and shared.

The city and its consultants hope to unveil a plan in January and begin implementing some of it as early as next year.

Shuford expects 75 to 100 people to attend.

The meeting will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Memorial Civic Center, 40 Causeway Blvd., in Clearwater Beach.