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Man indicted in beheading

A man accused of beheading his landlord and leaving his body in the trunk of a car was indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge.

Richard Bojerski, 22, was indicted Wednesday on premeditated murder and grand theft charges for the Aug. 1 killing of Roman Rindfleisch. Police said he stole the victim's ATM card and cleaned out his bank account.

Police said Bojerski was fixated on the Highlander movies and television show in which immortals die only when their heads are cut off.

Bojerski is in a Nevada prison for a probation violation on an attempted murder conviction.

Bojerski's wife, Jessica Colecio, 19, testified against him before the Brevard County grand jury. A theft charge was dropped against her Wednesday.

Bojerski and Colecio rented a room from Rindfleisch for several months before he ordered them to leave Aug. 1, police said. Bojerski and the landlord reportedly argued over a telephone bill that night.

Bojerski told police that he blacked out and awoke to find Rindfleisch dead with his head "nearly off." He then told police that he put his landlord's head in a sack and buried it. Police haven't been able to find the head.