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School's hallways see more fighting

More fights broke out among students Thursday at Sickles High School in northwest Hillsborough County. Sheriff's officials said they were investigating three unrelated incidents, while school officials said they had confirmed two fights and one arrest.

One fight started when two ninth-grade boys, who are considered severely emotionally disabled, bumped each other in a second-floor hallway, said Mark Hart, spokesman for the school district. Words were exchanged and a fight ensued. A girl passing by at the time was hit in the face, though she was not seriously hurt, Hart said.

Both boys were suspended, and one was arrested and charged with simple assault, he said.

In a second incident, a ninth-grade student told school officials he was beaten up in a restroom between classes. He was not able to give a good description of his attackers, Hart said. The matter is under investigation.

Lt. Greg Brown, Hillsborough sheriff's spokesman, said there was a third fight at Sickles Thursday, but he did not have details.

The problems came on the heels of the arrests of two students Wednesday who are accused of jumping a football player in a Sickles restroom a week ago.

But Thursday's fights weren't as drastic as that incident, Hart said, because the injuries weren't as serious and some of the students involved were known to be troubled.

"Not to minimize it," Hart said, but "they don't compare."

A team of downtown administrators will be at Sickles next week to increase the visibility of adults who are not in uniform, Hart said.