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Sheriff's Office seeks boy, 17, in shooting of 14-year-old girl

A warrant was issued Thursday for the arrest of David Marty, a teenager accused of shooting 14-year-old Melissa Nichols in the neck Oct. 8, Lt. Greg Brown, Hillsborough sheriff's spokesman, said.

Authorities plan to charge Marty with attempted manslaughter by culpable negligence and shooting in an occupied dwelling, Brown said.

Marty, 17, lives with his parents at 6511 Dimarco St., where the shooting occurred.

Nichols remains in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Witnesses at the scene said Marty was the boyfriend of Nichols' sister, and that the shooting was an accident.

Nichols' grandfather, Williams Wrightman, said in an interview that he was told by family members that the boy put the gun to Nichols' head twice and she pushed it away before she finally was shot.