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Question: We are avid watchers of Touched by an Angel. I read an article on Della Reese that said she preaches in a California church. Do you know which one?

Answer: Reese, 66, is an ordained minister and founder of the L.A. church Understanding Principles for Better Living, where she preaches every Sunday. Her ministry, rooted in Christianity, espouses the "New Thought" philosophy. You can read more about it in her new biography, Angels Along the Way. Reese is in her third season on the CBS hit series, Touched by an Angel. She's currently waging a war of words with the network over her salary. Reese has said that her pay increase this season did not match that of co-star Roma Downey.

Question: Will there be another Batman movie? I loved every actor who played the (title) role and I would like to know who will play him next.

Answer: The word right now is that, yes, there is talk about a new Batman flick, but no one is rushing into production quite yet. It appears Hollywood feels the Caped Crusader hasn't done well enough at the box office to warrant another venture into the Bat Cave. At least, not yet.

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