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"The Great Snowman' was a cool record in Orlando

Question: Circa 1960-'61, in Orlando, we had a big hit titled The Great Snowman.

I have been trying for the past 35 years to find out who made that song. Can you tell me? _ rootlocalhost (via the Internet)

Dear Root: The Great Snowman, a mid-1961 release by Bob Luman (Warner Bros. 5204), inexplicably did not repeat the success previously enjoyed by Luman's 1960, Top 10 hit, Let's Think About Livin.

While this catchy tune _ about a Don Juan who "snowed" the girls _ failed to make Billboard's survey, it did hover around the bottom of the Cash Box Top 100 for about three weeks.

In certain regional markets, such as Orlando from what you say, The Great Snowman didn't melt away as swiftly.

In the mid-'60s, Bob Luman _ like ex-rocking peers Conway Twitty and Jerry Lee Lewis _ switched to country music. There his career flourished with nearly 40 chart hits, including Lonely Women Make Good Lovers; Neither One of Us; and Still Loving You.

Question: For reader David D. Henderson, who wrote asking about Me and My Arrow, from Harry Nilsson's 1971 animated film, The Point: It's a wonderful story about a round-headed boy, Oblio, who is born into a pointed head world. After Oblio is found guilty of being "pointless" he is banished, with his dog Arrow, to the Pointless Forest. Oblio meets up with a wide array of characters who help him to make some "pointed" observations about life. Of course they make a triumphant return home.

I also recommend that Mr. Henderson head for a video store and rent a copy of the film. Lots of great music makes up The Point. _ Carol Terrazas, Seminole

Dear Carol: Thanks for delving a bit deeper into The Point. Here's another Point of view:

Question: The story is about a round-headed boy named Oblio, in a land of people with pointed heads. It features such characters as the Pointed Man ("a point in all directions is the same as no point at all") and the Rock Man ("you don't have to have a point to have a point.")

The boy has a dog named Arrow, thus the song Me and My Arrow. I believe a record of the soundtrack exists, but you would know more about that than I. _ W. Poshkoff, West Allis, Wis.

Dear W.: There is a soundtrack album for The Point, a 1971 issue (RCA Victor LSPX-1003). First pressings came with an eight-page booklet. There is also a reissue (RCA Victor LSP-4417), which omits the bonus booklet.

Question: Just for fun, I am trying to compile a list of a Top 100 song title for each day of the week.

I have Sunday Mornin' (Spanky and Our Gang); Monday Monday (Mamas and the Papas); Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues); Friday on My Mind (Easybeats); and Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers).

I have been unable to come up with any hit song titles for Wednesday or Thursday. Can you? _ Rudy Castillo, Belmar, N.J.

Dear Rudy: The only Wednesday hit I know is just that, Wednesday, by the Royal Guardsmen, from 1967. Then there is Sweet Thursday, a 1962 hit by Johnny Mathis. Now your musical week is complete.

By the way, Spanky and Our Gang had an even bigger hit than Sunday Mornin' with another Sunday song, Sunday Will Never Be The Same.

IZ ZAT SO? One of Bob Luman's forgotten hits is A Christmas Tribute (Polydor 14444), a 1977 musical tribute to Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby. Though somewhat of an odd coupling, both had recently passed away at the time of the recording.

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