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Barkley says he will not be retiring

Charles Barkley will not retire after his latest barroom brawl, but the NBA put rules in place for the Rockets forward.

"The league put new guidelines in my life," Barkley said after a meeting with officials Friday. "I have to bring security guards with me every time I go out. It's unfortunate."

Barkley threw a man through a window at a bar in Orlando recently after the man allegedly threw a drink on him.

Barkley said he might retire if the NBA punished him or made him promise not to retaliate against abusive fans.

After a 90-minute meeting with deputy commissioner Russ Granik and VP of security Horace Balmer, Barkley thanked the league for backing him.

"The league was very supportive of me. They understand where I am coming from," he said. "But when I get arrested, it's embarrassing for me and the league."

The league said no punishment is planned.

"No disciplinary action is contemplated at this time, and we expect to await the conclusion of any legal proceeding," Granik said.