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Chargers blast Temple Heights

The one-sided game was all but decided Friday afternoon when players from Shorecrest and Temple Heights stood in nearby shelters, waiting for lightning to pass through the area so their football game could resume.

Not so fast.

"What is that?" said a startled Temple Heights player, pointing to the sky.

Heavy, swirling winds gathered some markers from the empty field and part of an aluminum shed from a nearby residence, sending the debris some 30 feet into the air. The scene resembled a small twister. Players ducked for cover behind the baseball dugout.

When the winds eventually ended, so had the game. Both coaches, in consultation with head official Tony Scionti, halted it with 5:03 remaining in the second quarter, giving Shorecrest a 27-0 non-district victory.

"That was some sight," said Shorecrest coach Phil Hayford, whose Chargers improved to 5-3. "I don't know if that was a tornado, but it looked like one. Anyway, it's a good decision to finish this game. None of us wanted to be blown away to Kansas."

Temple Heights (1-7) earned one first down _ by penalty _ and couldn't stop the Shorecrest running game. Tony Lazzara, who rushed seven times for 64 yards, had a 13-yard touchdown run and kicked three extra points. His cousin, Mike Lazzara, rushed five times for 49 yards and a 25-yard score.

"You always like to finish up the game, and I regret that we couldn't give some playing time to some of our other guys with the way the score was going," Hayford said. "Temple Heights is young. They just need to be patient and they'll come around."

Eagle quarterback Caleb Lewis, son of coach Steve Lewis, said his team was overmatched.

"They were too good for us today," the quarterback said. "They have great tradition and we don't yet. They jumped on us early and that was going to be hard to overcome."