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Slippery slope: Slips and falls are the single biggest cause of injuries around the home, and many of them happen in the bathtub. Slip-proof your tub or shower by using a suction-type bath mat or self-stick adhesive strips.

Consider, too, installing a grab bar. Use long screws attached directly to wall studding. Make sure that all scatter rugs, especially those next to the tub, have skid-resistant backings or place a non-skid mat underneath.

Bagging the job: If you don't have gloves to protect your hands from painting projects or metal polish, use a plastic bag. The freezer-size bags work great. Just slip over hand and use a rubber band to secure it to your wrist.

Steer your stitches: Directional stitching is important because it keeps the fabric from stretching as you sew. If you always sew a skirt from the bottom of the garment toward the top, you will find that you will not have to cut off that extra {-inch or so when the top piece of fabric stretches.

Loan tips: Always get prequalified for a loan before you go shopping for your dream house. This will save a lot of time and, possibly, heartache, and remember that a 15-year mortgage will result in much higher payments than a 30-year mortgage but, over the life of a loan, a significant savings.

No-stick trick: Things can get messy when you are cutting any sticky surface. To keep your scissors from inheriting the stickiness, try putting a dusting of talcum powder on the scissor's blades before cutting.