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Priest resigns amid sex allegations

A priest has resigned in the face of charges of sexual and emotional abuse from three sisters, who said they had sought counseling from him in the 1980s.

The Rev. David McCreanor, pastor of St. Louis Catholic Church, resigned his post and entered a church-run treatment center Thursday after three sisters said they were sexually abused when they were teenagers.

Veronica Bevans, now 33, said she sought counseling from McCreanor after she lost her virginity, only to have the priest take her to his bedroom, undress her and have sex with her.

Her sister, Betsy Stone of Charlotte, N.C., said she was propositioned by McCreanor a few years later when she sought counseling. She said she immediately told her mother, who at the time thought she was imagining things. She continues to see a therapist.

The third sister, Gretchen Vossler, said she was 15 when McCreanor made a pass.

"I was raised not to question what a priest said to you or did to you," she said.

The women made their charges public 14 months after first informing the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee.

"Until this week, it did not appear anything was going to happen," said Mary Jane Vossler, their mother.