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Question: I read that Paul Sorvino tried to stop his daughter, Mira, from getting movie offers because he was against her having a career in show business. Is that true?

Answer: Absolutely untrue. Paul has been quoted "I wasn't pleased that she wanted to become an actress because it's hard work. But I am happy that she's happy with what she's doing."

Question: What is Laura Leighton doing now that she is no longer on Melrose Place?

Answer: She hasn't announced any acting projects, but her engagement to former Melrose co-star Doug Savant (Matt) was made official last month. Leighton played Sydney Andrews on Fox's nighttime soap from 1993 through last season. It was her first professional acting role.

Question: We really enjoy Ally McBeal on Fox on Monday nights. We are wondering who the blond singer is on the program. I say it's Sarah McLachlan.

Answer: Vonda Shepard played the nightclub singer on the Sept. 22 episode of the show. You can listen to more of her music on her CD, It's Good, Eve.

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