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Gatti case is lesson in fairness

Editor: Re: Mary Jo Artura's Oct. 26 letter to the editor about her child being fearful of going to Powell Middle School next year if Joseph Gatti is reinstated as a teacher:

Ms. Artura, you have the most wonderful opportunity to teach your child about how our legal system operates, including that a person is innocent until proved guilty. That is a good civics lesson, as well as a moral lesson about judging without the facts and insufficient evidence and how accusations can ruin a person's life.

I am curious as to where Ms. Artura's child got the "facts" on which he formed his opinion (hopefully on his own). As the mother of a sixth-grader, my child knows basic facts of the arrest and the accusations against Mr. Gatti. But my child has not been interested enough to form an opinion. He is more occupied with sports, music, school and friends than following the story through the newspapers or television.

For the record, I am well aware of the imperfections in our legal system. However, I try to teach my child to understand how it works and to respect it.

I also have not been a supporter of Mr. Gatti's innocence, preferring to take a wait-and-see attitude when the case went to trial and the facts came out. But I definitely have an opinion now.

The legal and investigative teams of Citrus, Hernando and Orange counties, working together and independently for months, declined to pursue charges against Mr. Gatti. Given the media and public attention this case has generated, I believe if they had found one shred of evidence that could be proven, one of them would have nailed Mr. Gatti to the wall. However, each of the three counties dropped all the charges.

I now feel Mr. Gatti was a victim of accusations that ruined every aspect of his life. I wish him success in picking up the pieces of his life.

Beth Ives, Spring Hill

Community makes school

career fair a success

Editor: I want to thank everyone who helped make the career fair at Springstead High School a success.

Although I was unable to attend due to a rather inconveniently timed illness, I have received numerous comments from both staff and students about how much the event was appreciated.

It certainly is good to know we can count on the support of the community to help with the education of our children. Thanks again for the extra effort.

Bill Vonada

Career fair coordinator

Springstead High School

Times report helps

reader make decision

Editor: On Oct. 12, the Hernando Times published an article about a cremation service that keeps down the costs of expensive funerals. The article told of a new business on Spring Hill Drive, Robert & Sons Cremation Service. As the death of my beloved husband was rapidly approaching, I took an avid interest in this article.

I made an appointment to meet with the owner, Robert Rupocinski. I found him to be concerned, kind and extremely caring, and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed with my choice of cremation for my husband.

I want to thank the Times for providing me with information about Robert & Sons. It went far beyond the call of duty. The newspaper's compassion will be remembered always.

Mrs. Jacob A. Lewin, Spring Hill