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Recycling reminder would help new residents

Published Oct. 2, 2005

Editor: In regard to the recycling program, perhaps the rules should be published again. There are many new residents who may not be aware of the program. Also, many of the faithful participants are no longer here. We need a new base to make this work. It is a good program.

Geraldine E. Skelton, Port Richey

Increase in adult businesses

not the kind of boom wanted

Editor: In northwest Pasco County we have a building boom going on.

Within a few miles of each other on U.S. 19 we have three adult bars with a new one on the way. We have a new XXX movie house, and we have a business offering pretty girls who do body scrubs.

In the past, some of these businesses have had drug busts in and around them as well. Will we soon have street walkers in business in Pasco's newest red-light district?

Eric West, Hudson

Hudson Seafest parking

will NOT be a nightmare

Editor: The other morning, about 3 a.m., I awakened with a start thinking that after all our planning and hard work associated with the new Hudson Seafest, perhaps our guests wouldn't know where to park.

County commissioners have been very cooperative and are allowing right of way parking on the streets, but how can we get this information to the public?

With the limited number of volunteers that we have, we will attempt to guide them, but it'll be tough. Since the Times is one of our sponsors, and you have been so helpful in the past, I thought that, by printing this letter, we'd be able "to get the word out."

Al L. Meyer

Too often, money greases

the wheels of deals

Editor: Money talks, and you know what walks.

Two recent Times articles prove the point. It is possible for a lobbyist to work both sides of the street, but an attorney working for a group of consumers has a "conflict of interest" because in 1987 the office in which he worked had dealings with Joseph Borda. I guess the judge in this case knows where his bread is buttered.

Second, I fail to understand why restrictions aimed at protecting the public cannot be included in the approval for the proposed construction of Lowe's. Again, a little "butter" spread in the right places seems to do a lot of good for the big guy and not the little guy.

Joseph K. King, Hudson

Look at House speaker's record

on domestic violence votes

Editor: "Unfair criticism" is not unfair, but based on fact.

House Speaker Daniel Webster is not responsible for domestic violence in Florida, but he has done his best in the Legislature to vote against anything that would help victims of domestic violence.

1. Both Rep. Mike Fasano and Webster voted against a ban on insurance companies listing domestic violence as a pre-existing condition. This would leave a victim without hospital care after being beaten again.

2. Webster voted against an increase of the penalty for those who violate protective injunctions. This again would not favor the victim, but the abuser.

3. He voted against a provision that courts shall consider a conviction of domestic violence when determining child custody and visitation rights. Statistics show that 50 percent of the abusers also abuse their children.

4. He also voted against creating of statewide verification system of domestic violence injunctions.

Voting records are there for the public to see. They can be the record of a man's or woman's prejudices. Can you deny the above facts? Check it out.

Joan Boisen, Holiday