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USF ads in national magazines tout police chief as "local hero'

Police Chief Goliath Davis is being featured as a "local hero" in advertisements published in Time and other news magazines.

The University of South Florida, where Davis graduated and later taught before he was named chief this summer, bought the advertisements as part of a new marketing effort.

"He could have gone anywhere," the ad says. "Instead, the small boy from St. Petersburg grew up to become the city's chief of police and a giant in the community, well regarded and respected by his neighbors."

Harry Battson, associate vice president of public affairs at the university, said Davis is the third person to be featured in the promotional campaign. The school paid $4,000 for advertisements featuring Davis to be published in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report.

The ads will be published in editions of the magazines distributed in the Tampa Bay area, Battson said.

"Make a difference," the ad quotes Davis. "Do something that is going to be worthwhile, that will also be rewarding and will make a contribution to the city."