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When night falls, no more basketballs

(ran NTP edition)

Looks like basketball players are going to continue rolling their goals into the garage each night.

Based on recent survey results, there probably won't be a vote to see if residents want to change existing restrictions that mandate goals be removed from driveways when they are not being used.

"It looks like 22 percent voted to have no restrictions on basketball goals, and the remainder voted to have them rolled away when not in use or not permitted at all," said Dave Anderson, chairman of the Westchase Resident Advisory Committee. "To change it, you have to get 60 percent of the residents. So that's pretty overwhelming that we'll have the rule stay the same."

About 250 households responded to a survey in the October issue of the World of Westchase newsletter. While that's only about 18 percent of Westchase's 1,400 homes, Anderson said he feels it's pretty reflective of the whole community.

Of the 78 percent of respondents who wanted basketball goals restricted, 10 percent didn't want to allow basketball goals in the neighborhood at all.

"The people who want no restrictions are very, very passionate about it," Anderson said. "But a lot of people told me they do not like to listen to the constant bouncing of balls."

Some residents just don't like the look of basketball goals.

Other complaints come from parents who have to go out on the street with baby strollers when a basketball goal blocks their way, Anderson said.

"If somebody goes in the house to use the john or have a 20-minute lunch, we're not saying roll it away," Anderson said. "But the management company will come down on somebody if they see a goal sitting out week after week."

Lois Krizay, a Westchase resident with a basketball goal in her driveway, doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

"I can see if you have one that's all rusted and dripping rust on the driveway and the net is falling down," she said. "I think if it looks presentable and it's not keeping neighbors up at night, I don't see why it's a problem.

"The way I see it, it's either basketball or Nintendo, and I opt for a little physical activity," she said.