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Are Florida's legislators on your side?

Do you attend class in a portable? Do you have to share your schoolbooks with other students? Do you eat lunch at 10 a.m.?

It's no secret, Florida schools are crowded. Really crowded. Just read "Sit Down and Shut Up," the story on the front page of today's Floridian that spoofs Florida legislators, the people who, among other things, decide how much money goes to stuff like stadiums, roads and, yes, schools. Gov. Lawton Chiles, above, has called them into a special session today in Tallahassee devoted to schools.

Legislators say they're trying to fix the crowded conditions, but are they really? Since you're the ones who are affected, we want to know how you feel.

Do you think state legislators care about you and your education? Call the X-Press Shed O' Learning Hotline and let us know.

PUSH ONE for YES _ The government is doing the best it can to fix school crowding.

PUSH TWO for NO - Those legislators couldn't care less about crowded classrooms.

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