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Only little kids would like this

Movie: Rocket Man

Rating: PG

Summary: Computer geek Fred Randall designs a computer system for the Pilgrim, NASA's space shuttle that will orbit Mars. When one of the astronauts takes ill, Fred proves to be an extraordinary candidate for the job despite his extremely weird antics, which include singing, breaking things and annoying the commander.

Lowrie's View:

Favorite part: When the mean Houston controller gets fired.

Least favorite part: The scene where the other candidate for the replacement astronaut gets motion sickness.

Expectations: I thought that this movie was going to be the worst I've ever seen, but it wasn't all that bad. Sure, it was incredibly stupid, but it was kind of cute.

Recommendations: This would be a cute movie to go see with the kids you're babysitting or with your younger siblings.


David's View

Favorite part: I really didn't have a favorite part.

Worst part: The whole movie.

Expectations: I didn't expect much from this movie in the first place, and I am very glad I didn't.

Recommendations: This is a movie for little kids. It has no plot or point. It did have some funny parts, but other parts were just plain stupid. The story starts off without a point and ends the same way.


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