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Question: What is Robert Urich's current health status? Will he be able to work again? We miss him.

Answer: The 50-year-old actor underwent successful treatment last year for a rare form of cancer that attacks the joints. Besides making public appearances at cancer fund-raisers and survivor rallies, Urich says he's enjoyed spending more time with his wife, actor Heather Menzies, and his son and daughter. He has been working steadily, too. This summer he hosted the ABC reality series Vital Signs and the PBS series BoatWorks. Last month, he piloted a runaway jetliner in the TV movie Final Descent. Urich is also active in his own computer software company.

Question: Recently, I watched what was called the season finale of La Femme Nikita. I love that show and, after watching, I couldn't help but wonder if it's the last show ever; or will there be another season now that she has escaped?

Answer: La Femme Nikita just wrapped up its second season on USA cable network. The show's next season begins Jan. 11 _ same night, time and station.

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