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The Birdman and the curse on Samson Island

Who: Jessica Coleman is a fifth-grader at Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Elementary in Pinellas Park.

What: Why the Whales Came, by Michael Morpurgo, Scholastic Publishers, $2.95.

The plot: In a place called Bryher there is a strange old man named the Birdman. Everyone stays their distance from him except two kids named Daniel and Gracie. The Birdman is excited to finally have company other than his dog, Prince.

The Birdman tells Gracie and Daniel about Samson Island. He tells them that it's cursed. Then, one day, the two kids are out fishing when they get caught in a fog. They start rowing, but little do they realize they are headed for Samson Island.

When they finally find their way back to Bryher, they see the Birdman pushing something that is stranded. He is trying to get it back into the water.

They find out how Samson got cursed and what the thing is that the Birdman is pushing. It's a narwhal, and the Birdman needs all the help he can get to save it.

Will the people of Bryher still keep their distance from the Birdman? Will the curse finally lift off Samson Island? Will they save the narwhal in time?

Jessica's rating: I would highly recommend this book! If you would like to read about a strange old man with a weird name like Birdman, a mysterious island that is known to be cursed and haunted and trying to save the narwhals, then you will love this book, too!

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