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Tibet concert film, CD to be released

Published Oct. 2, 2005

Mammoth Pictures will release Free Tibet, the documentary chronicling the 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert that took place in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

The concert film features performances by Beck, Bjork, the Fugees, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, the Smashing Pumpkins and many others.

Free Tibet also incorporates live footage as well as appearances and commentaries by performers, concertgoers, Buddhist monks and nuns, crew personnel and the Dalai Lama. The film provides background on the history of Tibet, the ideas behind Tibetan Buddhism and the significance of the non-violent struggle of the Tibetan people against oppression and persecution by the Chinese government.

In conjunction with the film, Grand Royal/Capitol Records will release a triple CD set, Tibetan Freedom Concert. All proceeds from the film will benefit the Milarepa Fund, a non-profit organization co-founded by the Beastie Boys that promotes compassion through music.

Independent film director Robert Rodriguez is set to helm an untitled project by Scream writer Kevin Williamson for Miramax's Dimension Films. The film is tentatively set to start shooting in March for release at Christmas 1998.

The yet-to-be-written script will be a science fiction-horror screenplay set in a high school. Rodriguez made a name for himself with the microbudget El Mariachi and then went on to do Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Along with Scream, Williamson scripted I Know What You Did Last Summer, which has made $32.8-million in its first two weeks.

Sheryl Lee, Guinevere Turner, Brett Harrelson, Channon Roe, Ethan Suplee and Estelle Getty are set to star in Platform Entertainment's Dante's View, which began shooting last week in Los Angeles and Death Valley.

Steve Adelson is set to direct the project, which was known as Crazy Eights.

The independent film is based on an original screenplay by Liane Bonin and Marc Levin. It focuses on a reclusive woman working as a hotel maid in Death Valley and a mysterious traveler from Los Angeles who just might provide the motivation she needs to escape her dead-end life.

Lee gained critical acclaim for her work on Backbeat and Twin Peaks. She recently starred in Mother Night with Nick Nolte.

Turner stars in Preaching to the Perverted, which premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Harrelson recently starred in Rune for the Shooting Gallery and with his brother Woody in The People vs. Larry Flynt. Roe appears in Boogie Nights.

Faster than you can say "hot box office," Mandalay Entertainment and Sony are knee-deep into a sequel to their current hit horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer. The $16-million film has already taken in $33-million in 10 days, so this development certainly is no shocker.

"We're meeting with various writers to start the sequel," Mandalay executive Todd Black acknowledged. "We're in the process of figuring out who will be coming back."

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is likely to return, insiders speculate. But writer Kevin Williamson has to service his huge deal with Miramax before he can work for any other studio. Director Jim Gillespie may get involved but not as director. By this time next week, Mandalay should have a writer at work.