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Technical institute's shops must enact recommendations

In reprimanding Steve Kinard, director of the Withlacoochee Technical Institute, school Superintendent Pete Kelly told Kinard to comply with a number of recommendations that auditors and school attorney Richard "Spike" Fitzpatrick had made.

Those recommendations include:

+ Ensure that all work completed in the school's industrial shops for non-employees or students begin only after an instructor files a written request that explains what specific "learning experience" working on that vehicle would provide students.

+ Follow rules requiring that, in shop cases in which the bill is $200 or greater, half the cost is paid up front and the balance paid before the vehicle is released.

+ Follow state regulations, which do not allow the extension of credit to any customer.

+ Limit the number of times that a customer can receive services during a fiscal year.

That limit includes the customer's immediate family and corporations in which the customer owns more than a 10 percent interest.

+ Make sure that all future donations of supplies to the school are taken into the school's inventory at fair market value and, if used for customer services in the shops, charged back to the customer at fair market value.

+ Make sure all customers are charged in ways consistent with the industrial shops' policies and provide better documentation of work done, including the duration of jobs, payment schedules and cost estimates.

+ Provide a more equitable distribution of proceeds from vending machines. The distribution should more closely resemble the ratio of money that students pay into the machines compared to the amount staff pays.

+ Make sure all luncheons, parties and dinners that directly benefit WTI employees should require payment in an amount at least equal to the cost unless the event is paid for through the Sunshine Fund or is considered a public relations benefit.